These gifts are too often used and abused as agents of misery

    Instead of being experienced in a way that SPARKS JOY & cultivates LOVE, CREATIVITY, VITALITY, and CONNECTION

    I hear women everywhere say they are sick of having mediocre to downright sex. When women are closed, compromised, frustrated, and lacking sexual agency they are experiencing a fraction of the fullness of their lives.


    • A partner can only give us what we are capable of receiving

    • It all starts with you

    • Being a Sex Goddess has nothing to do with your age, your weight, or your physical appearance.  It is an essence you embody, through which you experience The Divine.  Your partner makes love to a Goddess differently than to an unsatisfied victim. 

    My FREE Gift To You. 

     "Spring Fever" is a guided meditation and gentle awakening of your body's senses and energies, to feel tuned in turned on, awake, and alive, humming with sensual energy.



    Hands on 1-1 exclusive clinic to learn to bring magic into your erotic touch

    For couples, individuals, and providers. 

    If you want to go deep into the art of intuitive, energetic and ecstatic touch, and the ability to read and respond to your partner to create pleasure sensation and intimacy that they did not even know they were capable of, this is the workshop for you. 

    In relationship:  use touch, pleasure, and sensuality to deepen your intimacy, expand your erotic, and to consistently ground and heal on an ongoing basis.  Allow your sensuality to be the glue that heals and holds your love.  Delve deep into specific erotic techniques including different types of orgasms and power play. 

    I know just how difficult it is to address intimate concerns, and it’s even harder when you’re doing it in isolation, relying on google for answers, doubting yourself, and wasting precious time. Firstly, nothing is wrong with you. I’ve consulted with, taught, mentored, and supported thousands of people with sexual concerns over the years and what you are experiencing is normal.

    When there is a concern that involves your body or intimate life, it can turn into secret shame. blame, resentment, anxiety, fear... Questioning the self, wondering what is wrong, wondering or worrying that this is all there is. 

    Most people take their car to an expert, if they want to excel in a sport or an activity like yoga they take lessons, and they learn from an expert.  Someone who has studied and worked in the field for years.  Not from a place of “not being good enough to figure it out on my own,” but by making a smart decision to model the expertise of others.  Just as in any other subject. 

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