Hi, I'm Freja!

I can't wait to help you deepen your intimacy and learn to make love better.


Picture of Freja Njorden

"I value real-life practical application and results, rather than endless talk and theory."


Freja mentors and consults on subjects relating to sexuality and intimacy, working with individuals and couples in order to help them to be able to cultivate the pleasure and ecstatic sexual joy that is everyone's birthright, and that everyone is capable of experiencing. 

She is trained in hypnosis - therapeutic and erotic, NLP, massage therapy, energy work, Mindscaping, graphology, EFT (emotional freedom technique), and the tantric arts.  She has pursued subliminal programming, quantum touch, spiritual hypnosis, BDSM, and shamanic arts, and taught pelvic examinations to medical professionals at a local university,

Freja has been working independently with the mind-body connection and sensuality for¬†almost 2 decades.¬† Passionate about learning, she is consistently upgrading skills, knowledge, and techniques.¬† In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, hiking, cycling, music, mushrooms, and anything out of doors.¬†‚Äč

My FREE Gift To You. 

 "Spring Fever" is a guided meditation and gentle awakening of your body's senses and energies, to feel tuned in turned on, awake, and alive, humming with sensual energy.