more than just "trying not to come"

Are you fed up with frustration? 


Are you SO OVER repeated sexual disappointment due to ejaculating prematurely?

Eliminate shame and install confidence

Gain control over your own body and it’s arousal process

Ejaculation mastery - as I teach it -  is not about fixing a problem.  That is the wrong way to think about it, and why popular attempts to fix premature ejaculation fail at best.  And,  at worst, make it worse and create performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction as a result.


ACTIVATE and EMBODY Ejaculation Mastery

Enjoy the ability to experience extraordinary levels of arousal and pleasure. 


Do you want to experience the ability to last during sexual intercourse for as long as you want to? 


Would you love to feel confident and competent as a lover?


Pay attention to the language I use: 

I teach YOU how to have mastery over your body’s arousal process, your pleasure, your ejaculation, and orgasmic capacity.  I teach you an entirely new map of your erotic world, one where you can confidently show up for your partner the way you want to.  I do not  “fix premature ejaculation.”  The former is empowering you to have understanding and control over your process, which is the only way to feel fully confident that you can participate fully and be able to release when you want to.  The latter is this idea that some outside influence is going to fix something that is wrong with you. 



Education: you don't know what you don't know. Discover the problem, AND the solution... it is not what you think it is!   Understand where erroneous thinking, and actually doing the wrong things is leading to the very result you do not want.  Learn what it is you DO want, and the way to get it. 



Begin to build your sexual muscles by cultivating a new sexual practice.  Build new mental and physical connections and condition your body to this new model of pleasure and lovemaking.  Just like high-performance athletes hone their skills by developing a practice to tune their bodies to high performance, you will develop your body’s abilities by practicing powerful and specific exercises so that your performance becomes second nature instead of a struggle. You cannot neglect your body’s erotic muscles!! Having confidence in your body and the ability to effortlessly perform eliminates anxiety and overthinking and causes you to automatically be fully engaged in the moment so that every sexual experience is high quality and fully engaged.



This is the core technique:  Where you take all of the ingredients and the skills you have built and apply the actual technique of ejaculation control.  In this session, we go deep into an erotic trance and guide you through the exact specific process of controlling your ejaculation.  This one practice is what you will make an automatic habit each and every time you make love so that it becomes second nature, and you have the ability -- not only to control your ejaculation but to experience higher and higher levels of arousal.  To be able to tolerate full-body ecstasy and hold it in your body and only ejaculate when you want to.  This is what the education, the practice, and the skill-building is preparing you for, a practice that will alter your erotic capacity for life.



Hypnotic conditioning sessions to further increase your body’s ability to experience high levels of ecstasy and control over your ejaculation.  Drive your new abilities deep into your system so that they become automatic processes and practices that are natural to your new map of lovemaking. 


BONUS #1  (optional) 

Educational class on female pleasure and how to show up as the masculine lover that can satisfy her fully.  Hint: thrusting for 30 minutes straight is not going to do it, and will probably make her avoid sex with you rather than make you more desirable.


BONUS #2 (optional)

Educational class for your female partner who wants to support you in your journey, a woman’s perspective on both helping you to last longer AND to facilitate your prowess as a lover is invaluable.



Ejaculation Mastery is an 8-week program that requires your full participation, and for you to practice what I teach, as well as participate in 


  • Ongoing support between live 1-1 personal sessions

  • Weekly “sexual practice” and support PDFs and mp3s to go with sessions

  • No partner is required, this is a personal practice

  • Learn techniques developed from 15 years of somatic sexual bodywork, hypnosis, and NLP combined with energetic sexual practices

  • Bonus education class/consultation on female pleasure and arousal! This is specific to you, and you can bring your own particular relationship and its concerns to the consultation for troubleshooting and advice


I know just how difficult it is to address intimate concerns, and it’s even harder when you’re doing it in isolation, relying on google for answers, doubting yourself, and wasting precious time. Firstly, nothing is wrong with you. I’ve consulted with, taught, mentored, and supported thousands of people with sexual concerns over the years and what you are experiencing is normal.

When there is a concern that involves your body or intimate life, it can turn into secret shame. blame, resentment, anxiety, fear... Questioning the self, wondering what is wrong, wondering or worrying that this is all there is. 

Most people take their car to an expert, if they want to excel in a sport or an activity like yoga they take lessons, and they learn from an expert.  Someone who has studied and worked in the field for years.  Not from a place of “not being good enough to figure it out on my own,” but by making a smart decision to model the expertise of others.  Just as in any other subject. 

"I value real-life practical application and results, rather than endless talk and theory."

I have been mentoring and consulting on sexuality for almost two decades.  I work with subjects relating to sexuality and intimacy, working with individuals and couples in order to help them to be able to cultivate the pleasure and ecstatic sexual joy that is everyone's birthright, and that everyone is capable of experiencing. 

I am trained in hypnosis - therapeutic and erotic, NLP, massage therapy, energy work, Mindscaping, graphology, EFT (emotional freedom technique), and the tantric arts.  I have pursued subliminal programming, quantum touch, spiritual hypnosis, BDSM, and shamanic arts, and taught pelvic examinations to medical professionals at a local university. Passionate about learning, I am consistently upgrading skills, knowledge, and techniques.  

I am here for you.  To guide, help, support, and make this transformation.


"Freja understands how to dissolve the mental and physical blockages that normally prevent the full experience of pleasure. Having become numb to sexual sensation due to job stresses, Freja helped me wake up my body again. I've experienced both her hands-on massage that gently reconnected my mind to my physical experiences, and I've also benefitted from her hypnosis coaching that trained my mind to more deeply embrace experiences as they happen. Both her physical and mental coaching allowed me to steadily and profoundly expand my capacity for pleasure and become a better lover. The Sensualist Freja has my eternal respect and gratitude."

D Porters

"Sexuality in the absence of shame is total freedom.
Freja is opening the door to this beautiful, rich, limitless world and telling me to go play.
I’m not broken. No one is. We all deserve to find that out."

Marian Rose

Are You Ready For More?


Pre-Valentine's Day Special!!




After Feb 14th 2023



Benefits You Will Receive

  • Deep internal shifts

  • 1-1 coaching and changework specific to you

  • Increased and improved erotic response, body control, pleasure and arousal 

  • Practical Education and skills based on real world experience

  • Release of shame and anxiety and lack of confidence

  • Sexual Confidence and competence

  • Sexual and Erotic Agency

  • On going personal support during the entire program 

  • A program based entirely on practical experience, changework that includes hypnosis, nlp, mindfulness, energy work, specific physical techniques and sexual practices

  • PDF manual and mp3s

  • An entirely new outlook and experience of your sexual world, this is so much more than just "trying not to cum"

How Long Is This Course?


This is a six-module program, and I strongly recommend sticking with regular sessions, so that it is completed within 6-12 weeks.   I understand that life happens, but this is a growth-oriented course, and is most encouraging when you can maintain momentum. 

How does it work?


This is a series of educational curricula and deep healing/change work sessions that build on each other weekly.   Every two weeks you will have a session with my by zoom, or in the studio if you're local and prefer that.  There will be a home practice to do as well between sessions to put into practice what you've learned.  


Studio (in person) sessions usually include some hands on work.  We can discuss whether this is appropriate for you. 


This can work if you do not do your homework, but you should do your homework.  It would be like visiting a sports coach to learn how to be better at your game, and then not practicing.  Your body needs to adapt to the skills. 


I loved this course and want more! What other courses do you offer?


Your best bet would be to contact me for a bespoke Salon!